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    Hectic but fun . . . CanJam London 2017

    Wow! That was hectic but fun. I got to meet some folks I’ve wanted to meet for a long time. . .purveyors of excellent audio. I also got to meet the brains behind Sony’s flagship MDR-Z1R and the WM1Z and WM1A, Naotaka Tsunoda and Tomoaki Sato.  Read More...

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    Blog: CanJam London 2017

    My first London show and what a show it was! [CanJam London] is one of the first shows where the atmosphere was this chill and were everyone was so easygoing and friendly. The room was setup in a way that you always had enough space to freely walk. . .[and] could even to take a five minute rest in the. . .chill area.  Read More...

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    Brief Impressions - CanJam London 2017

    This year’s CanJam London was my second, and seemed to be a resounding success. An impressive list of manufacturers signed up, which inspired a large crowd to show up.   Read More...

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    CanJam London 2017 - Introduction

    Across the last weekend of Wimbledon fortnight, the heart of London buzzed to the sound of personal audio, as CanJam came to town. . .CanJam shows are now rolling out across the world. . .  Read More...

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    CanJam London features new items from the portable audio FiiO

    At the famous exhibition of personal audio CanJam, held in London, the company Fiio presented a number of novelties. Of course, other companies are also the first to demonstrate their products at the exhibition, but Fiio event was clearly the largest.  Read More...

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    New Kid on the Block: Sonoma Acoustics’ First Consumer Headphones

    I first had a chance to listen to the Sonoma Acoustics Model One at the CanJam SoCal headphone show in Los Angeles in April. . .These headphones are intended for lounge-chair listening—perhaps while nursing a favored cocktail. [They offer] a truly impressive listening experience at a price well below what one would expect to pay for such a capable system.  Read More...

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