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    CanJam 2017 Singapore: Drool-worthy headphones and more!

    CanJam Singapore 2017 was the ultimate playground for headphone enthusiasts and music lovers. Here is some of the latest audio gear we saw at the show. Don't enter if you suffer from impulsive buying disorder.  Read More...

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    CanJam Singapore 2017: Head-Fi Nirvana

    After a successful gig in New York City, CanJam Singapore 2017, sponsored by Echobox, NXT, and Sennheiser, featured more than 50 retail brands from across the world, there is something for everyone regardless of listening preferences.  Read More...

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    $168,000 headphones to go on display

    Have you ever wondered how much is a pair of the world's most expensive headphones?

    The Focal Utopia by Tournaire, which costs a whopping US$120,000 (S$168,000), is the answer. It will be on display at CanJam Global, the world's premier headphone audio expo, which returns to Singapore for this year's edition.  Read More...

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    CanJam NYC 2017 Delivers Bona Fide Surround Sound Over Headphones

    I was treated to a demonstration of the Smyth Research Realiser A16 demonstration at CanJam NYC 2017. Nearly everybody who heard the demo had a hard time at first believing the speakers weren't still on, the surround over headphones was that convincing.  Read More...

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    A Victory for Audiophiles!

    CanJam NYC was a return to roots in many ways for the personal audio community. . the organizers at CanJam Global had been eyeing a return to the Big Apple with the growing success of their events in Southern California, Denver, London and Singapore.   Read More...

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    Jammin’ in Style!

    This year was the first CanJam to happen in NYC. . .About 2,000 CanJammers are estimated to have come.   Read More...

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  • SoCal 2017
    Sat, April 8, 201712:00 AM

    8-9 APRIL 2017


    North America’s largest personal audio expo!


  • London 2017
    Sat, July 15, 201712:00 AM

    15-16 JULY 2017


    The UK’s premier headphone and personal audio expo returns!